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Eight Helpful Tips for Home Organization

Ever feel disorganized? Well, let’s get this organized! Here are some of our favorite home organization tips. They don’t take a ton of time or a big budget but can make a load of difference. Most cost little or nothing, using just a few affordable supplies from the store or maybe stuff you already have around the house. Let’s go room by room for tips and tricks that’ll make you look at your home and say, “Now that’s organized!”


Let’s start in the kitchen. Does your fridge need a little neatness? Naiara is a FirstKey Homes resident like you (and she’s part of The Purple Circle, our resident influencer program). Here, she walks you through how to clean and organize your fridge. Makes her a little bit happier, and maybe it will for you too! 

Click here to reorganize with Naiara


It’s all about bins, baskets or other containers to help keep the chaos under control. Whether it’s stuffed animals, action figures, dolls, LEGOs or toys with the teeniest, tiniest parts, using containers to keep them picked up and sorted keeps them off the floor and out of the way.


Struggling with clutter – especially electronics and accessories – in your workplace? Gather up all those cords, chargers, earbuds, devices you don’t use often, etc., and store them all together out of the way. Find a spare shelf or two and organize the items into storage boxes; you can even label the boxes for easy access (or use clear storage containers so you can see what’s inside).


When shopping for home furnishings, consider furniture with storage … like a coffee table with drawers underneath, an ottoman with storage space inside, or an end table with shelves. If you’re not in the market for furniture at the moment, look for the unused space you have now that lends itself to tucking things out of the way. For example, if your coffee table doesn’t have storage built in, you can use baskets or bins underneath and fill them with stuff you want out of sight.


As the seasons change, go through the clothes in your closet and separate out what you won’t be wearing that season. (Your heaviest sweaters in August? Don’t think so!) Pack away out-of-season clothing and store it somewhere you have space – under a bed, on the top shelves of your closet, in another closet even. This will free up space and keep your closet feeling uncluttered!


Storage space isn’t always the most convenient when it comes to bathrooms. Just think of all the things you may have in your cabinets under the sink; how do you see – or, for that matter, get to – everything? One ingenious solution is to use a spinning organizer (like a lazy Susan) for easy searching and reaching. No more knocking over a bunch of products just to get to that box of bandages.


Another room that’s also usually tight quarters is the laundry room, especially if it’s combined with a utility closet or other shared space. A great solution for this situation is over-the-door storage. You can find racks to store all sorts of items and keep them out of the way – laundry accessories, cleaning supplies, an ironing board, brooms, tools and more. Talk about an efficient use of space!


Last but not least is a helpful method that will work for any space in the home but is especially useful for keeping your bedroom neat and tidy: the “8-minute rule.” Set a timer for 8 minutes once a day and do as much organizing and putting away as you can in that time. The goal’s not to get the whole room perfect every time but rather to keep the clutter under control by making it a habit to spend just a little bit of time so the mess doesn’t get out of hand.

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