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For non-emergency/urgent requests, please use FirstKey Maintenance System (FMS) online or call 844.395.3959.

Standard maintenance concerns that FirstKey Homes handles include the following.Read More

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If an issue related to one of the above FirstKey Homes responsibilities resulted from resident neglect/misuse/etc. (such as a toilet not working due to resident placing foreign objects in the toilet), resident may be responsible for repair charge. If a technician is dispatched to address an issue found to be a resident responsibility, it may result in a chargeback to your account.

Response time to your home is determined by the specific issue reported and may vary depending on unforeseen natural events.

The information provided here is for reference and illustrative purposes only; this information does not modify your Lease Agreement or alter your obligations per your Lease Agreement. You should consult your own Lease Agreement for specific terms and responsibilities regarding maintenance. This information does not extend or limit any warranties made per your Lease Agreement or as required by any law.

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