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January 2, 2019 3:35 pm

Copy of Notice Sent to Residents: 


1st January 2019


Dear Resident,

FirstKey is providing the opportunity for all residents who are full-time federal government employees to ease financial strain initiated by the ongoing government shutdown.

If you are impacted by this shutdown and would like to benefit from this program, please reach out to your local FirstKey Homes office for details of the program.  You will be required to verify your employment by providing a copy of a paystub from the last pay period from a federal agency, as well as a photograph of a government ID card or document, to [email protected] 

Upon federal budget reauthorization and residents’ subsequent receipt of back-pay, all residents that have utilized this program will have seven business days to complete a one-time repayment of all past-due rent.


Kind regards,


Brian Stann

Chief Operating Officer, FirstKey Homes


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