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July 29, 2020 3:56 pm


Dear Residents,

The National Hurricane Center forecasts that Tropical Storm Isaias could impact your area in the next few days. It’s important that you finalize preparations now for protecting your family, your pets and your home.

Remember that the safety of you and your family is top priority. Please review the information at on what to do immediately before and during the storm. Continue to monitor local weather reports and be prepared to evacuate if authorities recommend doing so. Begin to gather emergency items, food, water, medications and pet supplies.

As stormy weather approaches, please bring all unsecured outdoor items (chairs, tables, grills, toys, etc.) inside the home or garage, as these items may be blown around and cause damage.

Be aware that conditions can change quickly. We will do our best to keep you updated through various communication channels, including email, social media and our website blog. However, please always use your best judgement and follow the directives of state and local officials on all safety matters.

FirstKey Homes does not provide or reimburse for sandbag or window-boarding services, but you are welcome to install hurricane shutters, board up windows or sandbag around the home if desired.

If you do not have a Resident Portal account, now would be a great time to set one up.

As severe weather hits, please expect delays in local service. We will suspend office hours and maintenance as necessary in all hazardous areas for the safety of our employees.

It’s important to begin making preparations now for protecting yourself, your family and your home. Stay informed, be prepared and stay safe!

Thank you,

FirstKey Homes


We hope you are having an enjoyable summer. As always, the safety of our residents and team members is our priority, and we’ve been proactively preparing for the hurricane season to make sure our residents are informed and ready for any storm. Here is what you need to know:


We will do our best to communicate to you prior to hurricanes in your area via email.

To ensure we have your best contact information, please take a minute to update it in the Resident Portal or FKH Mobile App.

Hurricane Preparedness

Create a Hurricane Kit with nonperishable food, bottled water, flashlights, weather radio, batteries, chargers and pet supplies. Ensure your important documents are safe and that you have any medications needed.


We do not provide shutters, sandbags or boarding services, but we do encourage and welcome residents to shutter their homes, if needed. Please consider buying materials now as they tend to sell out as storms approach.

Remember to bring all outside furniture and toys inside the home or garage to limit damage. 

Evacuation Planning

Identify your evacuation route and plan multiple options for your family and pets.

Post-Storm Damage

If you’ve experienced any damage to your home, report it using the Resident Portal or FKH Mobile app. Add pictures if possible.

Our local team members will prioritize inspections based on the damages and the ability to get to the home.

Renter’s Insurance

Report personal damages to your renter’s insurance immediately. If you have insurance with Effective Coverage, call 800.892.4308.

Please visit for more information about hurricane preparedness and safety.

Hopefully, we’ll have a calm and unexciting hurricane season this year. Our teams will be here before, during and after any storm to support you.

Thank you for being a part of the FirstKey Homes community.


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