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Pay My Rent

Let’s not make paying rent any harder than it has to be. We have three easy payment options, including paying on the resident portal with ACH, credit or debit card, automated phone payments and paying with cash at local accredited retailers.

Paying rent just got a whole lot easier.

FirstKey Homes Pay My Rent - Resident Portal App

Resident Portal App

In the resident portal, you can pay your rent or submit a service request. You also have the ability to see your payment ledger and important announcements.

Ways to pay your rent

  • ACH
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

Visit our Resident Portal to pay your rent

FirstKey Homes Pay My Rent - WIPS


Simply walk into your nearest WIPS-registered retailer and pay your rent. It’s easy, quick and secure.

For more information, click here

FirstKey Homes Pay My Rent - Pay by Phone

Pay by Phone

Call us up at 844.785.4078

FirstKey Homes Pay My Rent - Get The App

Get The App

Download the iOS or Android app

FirstKey Homes Pay My Rent - Mailed or Delivered

Mailed or Delivered

Mailed payments can be lost or stolen in the mail; we’d advise an electronic form of payment to ensure your rent payment is credited on time.
Payments delivered in the office may incur a processing fee of $25.

Firstkey Homes - Pay My Rent Help?

Need help?

Download the instructions for the resident portal.


Walk in Payment System

(WIPS Registration)

Each resident over the age of 18 should register for their own card.



Visit for a complete list of retailers near you.


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