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Sell Your Home Fast

Looking to sell your home, but don’t want the hassle of doing it the traditional way? You’re in luck! FirstKey Homes is expanding in various markets and we want to help make this process easy for you. By selling to FirstKey Homes, you’re in charge. You select your closing date, no pesky showings and you’ll be well on your way to your next dream home in just a few short weeks.
Let’s get started.

FirstKey Homes Sell Your House in Step 1 <br>Request an offer

Step 1
Request an offer

Fill out the contact form below

FirstKey Homes Sell Your House in Step 2 <br>Receive Offer

Step 2
Receive Offer

If your home matches our criteria, you will receive an offer within 72 hours.

FirstKey Homes Sell Your House in Step 3 <br>Accept Offer

Step 3
Accept Offer

Sign the purchase agreement

FirstKey Homes Sell Your House in Step 4 <br>Select Closing Date

Step 4
Select Closing Date

Select a day that works best for you

FirstKey Homes Sell Your House in Step 5 <br>Sign Purchase  Contract

Step 5
Sign Purchase Contract

Sign the purchase contract confirming your agreement. You’re all set!




Currently purchasing homes in:

  • Atlanta
  • Birmingham
  • Charleston
  • Charlotte
  • Cincinnati
  • Columbus
  • Dallas
  • Fort Myers
  • Houston
  • Indianapolis
  • Jacksonville
  • Kansas City
  • Las Vegas
  • Louisville
  • Miami
  • Minneapolis
  • Orlando
  • Phoenix
  • Raleigh
  • San Antonio
  • St. Louis
  • Tampa
  • Winston-Salem

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