Let’s Take Care of It Together

FirstKey Homes partners with you to take care of your home – We handle the big stuff, you help with some minor things – and help you love where you live.

In general, FirstKey Homes is responsible for major repairs and maintenance, giving you one of the biggest benefits of renting: the peace of mind that you won’t have to, for example, pay to replace the refrigerator if it breaks down.

First Things First


For any maintenance emergencies, please call 844.395.3959.


What is considered a maintenance emergency? In general, any maintenance concern that impacts an essential service to you or the home. Please see details below. 


As always, if conditions are life-threatening, call 911.

Standard Maintenance

For non-emergency maintenance requests, please use the online FirstKey Maintenance System (FMS).

Our Goal: 24 Hours

Our goal is to respond to service requests within 24 hours (though holidays and weekends may affect response times). Please note that someone over the age of 18 must be home for work to be completed.


Please note that someone over the age of 18 must be home for work to be completed. And, although we love them, please remember to keep your pets away from service areas.

FirstKey Homes Responsibilities

We’re committed to taking care of major service and maintenance issues
outside of the items listed as resident responsibilities.

Please call 844.395.3959 right away for any of the below concerns. As always, if conditions are life-threatening, call 911. (Other things may qualify as an emergency, so we ask that you use your best judgment.)

Fire / Smoke / Sparks keyboard_arrow_right

Active flooding keyboard_arrow_right

Home not secure keyboard_arrow_right

Heating keyboard_arrow_right

Cooling keyboard_arrow_right

Broken pipe / Major plumbing leak keyboard_arrow_right

Sewage / Septic backup keyboard_arrow_right

Non-functioning well water system keyboard_arrow_right

Clogged / Non-functioning toilet(s) keyboard_arrow_right

No water keyboard_arrow_right

Power failure keyboard_arrow_right

Gas Leak keyboard_arrow_right


If an issue related to one of the above FirstKey Homes responsibilities resulted from resident neglect/misuse/etc. (such as a toilet not working due to resident placing foreign objects in the toilet), resident may be responsible for repair charge. If a technician or vendor is dispatched to address an issue found to be a resident responsibility, it may result in a chargeback to your account (e.g., repair fees, “trip fee,” etc.).


For maintenance emergencies, we aim to have a technician visit your home within 12 hours of you reporting the concern to us, weather and other conditions permitting. Response time to your home is determined by the specific issue reported and may vary depending on unforeseen natural events.


The information provided here is for reference and illustrative purposes only; this information does not modify your Lease Agreement or alter your obligations per your Lease Agreement. You should consult your own Lease Agreement for specific terms and responsibilities regarding maintenance. This information does not extend or limit any warranties made per your Lease Agreement or as required by any law.

Resident Responsibilities

There are some smaller things we ask our residents to take care of in order to keep the home in good condition. Residents are responsible for the general upkeep of the property and for minimizing dangerous conditions at the home, including the following:

Trash keyboard_arrow_right

HVAC filters keyboard_arrow_right

Light bulbs & batteries keyboard_arrow_right

Clogs keyboard_arrow_right

Miscellaneous keyboard_arrow_right

Winterization keyboard_arrow_right

Irrigation keyboard_arrow_right

Pest control keyboard_arrow_right

Landscaping keyboard_arrow_right