KOFE FInancial Resources

FirstKey Homes has partnered with KOFE

("Knowledge Of Financial Education") to provide residents unlimited financial wellness education and coaching – FREE TO YOU as a FirstKey Homes resident!

About KOFE

The KOFE program includes FREE online resources and guidance to assist with your financial well-being. You’ll have access to learning tools regarding money, budgeting, credit, retirement and many other topics. These resources are all yours, compliments of FirstKey Homes, to educate, motivate and empower you to achieve financial wellness.

Budget and money management advice

Counseling for debt and repayment options

Guidance on improving your credit score

Setting and achieving savings goals

Education for first-time homebuyers

KOFE uses a three-part approach to financial wellness and education, all included with your account provided by FirstKey Homes free of charge.

Self-Paced Learning

On-demand online resources including videos, ebooks, infographics, podcasts and interactive courses.

online self paced learning


Certified credit coaches provide monthly webinars that cover a variety of fundamental and trending financial wellness topics.

online courses


Connect one-on-one with certified credit coaches and counselors to help you define and achieve key financial goals, from improving your credit to buying a home.

one on one coaching